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Running at 6:00pm every Wednesday since 1974

Come and join us, come rain or shine!

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Runs start at 6:00pm SHARP


Congratulations to the New Committee! We look forward to another fun fill year ahead !

GM: Martha Maier
VGM: Trui Knijnenburg
On Sec: Ellia Murrell
Assist. On Sec: Chew Sin Loy
On Cash: Elizabeth Laubel
Assist On Cash: Adeline Goh
Trail mistress: Nazli Ebrahim
Haberdash: Mynne Tan
Auditor: Passcuran Kunjirama

Congratulations to all the following members who have reached the following milestones.

50 Runs– May Rendezvous
Elisabeth Laubel
Liew Lee Yook
Stefan Saunders

100 Runs- Nila Palacios
Soo Kan Hoy
Kathy Lee
Carol Munsdeen
Hans Schmitter
Richard Gascoigne
Gary Murrell

200 Runs- Eric Teo
Alina Teo
Lai Mae Yew
Yoong Yee Ching

300 Runs- Sim Campbell
Kathy Ling
Neil Campbell
Michael Chow

500 Runs - Ow Mei Mei

600 Runs – Don Cheang
Virginia Tan

800 Runs- F C Wong
1000 Runs– Steve Chan
1100 runs– John Koh
1700 Runs – Uncle Soo

For those who were not present at the Awards presentation please see GM Martha.


Run: 2258
Date: Wednesday 29 March
Hare: Richard Gascoigne (Birthday run)
Venue: Dengkil
Cohares: John Castleman, Carol Moosdeen
Scribe: The Committee

GPS: 2.861671N 101.705535E

Take the MEX/MAJU Highway to Putrajaya till you reach the Putra Jaya toll (set trip
meter 0.0km)
immediately after toll, exit left (Exit 2005) to Petrajaya.
@ 2.7km exit to Dengkil (B11)
@ 3.2km follow signboard Dengkil (B15) Left.
@ 8.6km continue straight on B15 (ignore exit to Dengkil), direction Salak Tinggi
@ 13.8km at traffic lights, turn left towards Bangi (on B18)
@ 14.2km traffic lights turn right (follow H3 sign boards) towards Kampung Lalang.
@ 14.9 km right turn
@ 15.1km turn left onto Jalan Mondok
@ 15.9km cross a railway bridge
@ 16.0 km left to run-site.
[REMEMBER: All odometers are not equal! Distances are APPROXIMATE]

On-On: Dengkil Seafood Restaurant
20, Jalan Puchong Dengkil, Pekan Dengkil
GPS: 2.859466, 101.678920

Set trip meter at run site and turn right onto tarmac road. (Backtrack to B18)
At 1.4km turn right
At 1.6km turn left
At 2.3km at traffic light turn left and join main road (B18) towards Dengkil
At 2.7km at traffic light go straight towards Dengkil
At 4.5km at traffic light in Dengkil town turn right
At 4.6km immediately after traffic light turn left and park
Dengkil Seafood Restaurant is immediately opposite the car park