Welcome to KL Hash House Harriettes

running on on @ 6.00 pm every Wednesday since 1974

Come and join us, come rain or shine!










Next Run: 2171

Date: Wed, 29nd Jul 2015

Hare: MaryRendovouz

Co-hares: some „unknown old Farts“

Venue: TTDI

Scribe: Bruno LeRoy



Next Run: 2172

Date: Wed, 5th Aug 2015

Hare: Russell Jones

Co-hares: n/a

Venue: Bukit Beruntung

Scribe: Mary Rendovouz


Next Run: 2173

Date: Wed, 12th Aug 2015

Hare: Neil Campbell

Co-hares: Sim Campbell

Venue: Rawang Industrial Estate
(taman Pniggir Pelangi)

Scribe: Russell Jones


Next Run: 2174

Date: Wed,19th Aug 2015

Hare: Soo Weng Heng



Scribe: „the Campbells“


Next Run: 2175

Date: Wed, 26th Aug 2015

Hare: Lim Aik Lan



Scribe: Soo Weng Heng