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RUN No: 2393
Date: 2019-10-30
Venue: Klang Shooting Club
Hare: Charles Lee
Co-Hare(s): Tony Martinez
Scribe: Charlotte Donvang
GPS: 3.158550, 101.459127


- Take the NKVE (E1) west towards Klang.
- Exit NKVE at junction 103 (sign Shah Alam/Bukit Jelutong/E35/Lebuhraya Guthrie)
- Through toll take middle lane onto Libuhraya Guthrie (E35) going north.
- After 3.6 km on E35 go through Bukit Jelutong toll and zero trip meter.
- 200 m: Exit left immediately after toll at junction 3506A (sign Puncak Alam/Meru)
- Continue straight past Universiti Teknologi Mara on left and then large warehouses.
- 8.1 km: Turn left at traffic lights (sign Bkt. Cerakah/Kern Budirman, etc.)
- 8.3 km: Straight thru traffic lights
- 10.0 km: Turn right at traffic lights
- Continue past school on right and Klang Shooting Club on left
- Hare’s car: WTE 254

Sun Loong Kee Restaurant
GPS: 03.13953, 101.53309
- Zero trip meter at run site.
- 0.8 km: Turn left at traffic lights by the school
- 2.5 km: Go straight through 1st set of lights
- 2.7 km: Turn right at 2nd set of lights (T-junction)
- 10.5 km: Over Guthrie corridor, turn left at lights ( T-junction) to Kg. Subang/Sg. Buloh)
- 11.7 km: Turn right at lights down dual carriageway
- 13.0 km: Enter one-way system and keep right
-13.2 km: Turn right at lights in one-way system then keep in left lane
- 13.5 km: Turn left heading back down dual carriageway towards Sungai Buloh
- 13.8 km: Restaurant Sun Loong Kee is on the left.

Note: The meal is booked for 8.30 pm and so please be there on time or risk fending for yourselves!