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Run: 2208
Date: Wed April 13th
Hare: Mark Taylor
CoHare: Ronnie Naur
Venue: Denai Alam


GPS N3 ̊ 10.02' E101 ̊ 30.31'

1. Take NKVE (E1) to Exit 103 Lebuhraya Guthrie
2. A toll trip meter
3. At 0.3km follow sign for E35 Lebuhraya Guthrie
4. At 3.8km pass toll booth
5. At 7.6km take Exit 3505 Bkt Subang
5 At top of ramp turn left (signed Bkt Subang) onto Persiaran Elektron
6. Continue along Persiaran Elektron and go straight (12 o'clock) at each roundabout until you reach the run site (9.8km)

On On @ Briyani Kitchen - Bukit Jelutong

GPS N3 ̊ 5.88' E101 ̊ 32.35'
For Waze type: Nasi Kandar Zubair Bistro

1. From run site return along Persiaran Elektron continuing straight (12 o'clock) at each roundabout until you reach the traffic light at the Guthrie Corridor junction
2. After traffic light turn right onto Guthrie Corridor towards Shah Alam
3. At toll on Guthrie Corridor trip meter
4. At 1.8km take Exit 3507 Bkt Jelutong
5. At 2.3km keep right (signed Bukit Jelutong)
6. At 2.4km at traffic light turn right
7. At 3.3km at 1st roundabout take first exit (9 o'clock) onto Persiaran Gerbang Utama
8. At 2nd roundabout take 2nd exit (3 o'clock)
9. At 3rd roundabout go straight (12 o'clock)
10. At 4th roundabout make a U-Turn
11. At 4.3km turn left (Nasi Kandar Zubair Bistro should be on your right as you turn)
12. Continue 100m to Briyani Kitchen