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Run: 2209
Date: Wed, 20 April 2016
Hare: Soh Yoke Chun
CoHares: Soh Kam Eng; Lewie Dekker
Scribe: Mark Taylor
Venue: Saujana Utama

A) Using Guthrie Corridor
• Take the NS highway going north.
• Exit the NS highway at at Junction 115 heading for Shah Alam, Kuala Selengor, etc.
• At Toll booth set trip meter and head straight down the Lebuhraya Guthrie (E35)
• 1.7 km Sorry, one more toll booth!
• 6.3 km Take Exit 3503 towards Kuala Selangor, etc.
• 7.2 km Keep right towards Kuala Selangor
• 7.4 km Turn right at traffic lights (T junction) towards Kuala Selangor.
• 8.5 km Turn Left at traffic lights towards Saujana Utama.
• 9.6 km Turn right following main road
• 11.1 km Bear left following the main road
• 11.7 km Keep straight towards run site.
• 12.8 km You have arrived!

B) Using the old Kuala Selangor Road (saves a couple of Ringgit!!)
• Exit the NS Highway at the Sungei Buloh toll booth and set trip meter.
• 0.15 km Turn left towards Kuala Selangor (road no. 54)
• Follow this road for nearly 12 km passing on the way:
• Various traffic lights including 1.5 km, 5.5 km, 6.2 km (big Honda showroom), 7.7 km
• At 10 km pass under the Lebuhraya Guthrie (also traffic lights)
• 11.4 km (just past the 37 km milestone to KS) Turn left into Saujana Utama
• 12.4 km Turn right following the main road.
• 13.9 km Bear left following the main road
• 14.6 km keep going straight towards the run site
• 15.5 km You have arrived!

Thiam Fatt Restaurant
GPS N3 08.565 E101 32.034

• Go Back to the old Kuala Selangor – KL Road, turning right at the traffic lights
• Pass under the Guthrie Corridor, then slip left to join the same (E35) heading South
• After about 9Km, take Exit 3505 (Bukit Subang; Denai Alam, Kota Damansara), and continue to slip left ontto Persiaran Elektron
• Keep right, and at the Traffic Lights turn right onto Jalan Sungai Buloh heading South towards Kampong Subang
• Traffic lights straight
• Traffic Lights (Monterez), Turn Left
• As you approach Petronas you will see Thiam Fatt diagonally on your right. You need to be in right hand lane.
• As barrier on right ends, you have 20m to cross one lane and turn right into parking area.
• If you miss the turning just keep going Right Right Right and you will now be in the lane you were supposed to have crossed.
• When leaving Restaurant you MUST TURN RIGHT. It is one way and there is no sign to tell you