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Run: 2211
Date: 4 May 2016
Hare: Kana (+60 13 342 6018)
Venue: Cahaya SPK

Directions: N 3.143522,E101.496748

For Waze: key in : Persiaran Seri Maya, Shah Alam.

- Take Federal Highway to Batu Tiga interchange.
- At Batu Tiga traffic lights take 3 o’clock into the Lebuhraya Guthrie Corridor.
- Take this route to Jalan Batu Arang which bypass the toll plaza.
- Zero your trip meter as you enter Jalan Batu Arang.

(Alternatively, take NKVE towards Shah Alam and exit 103 [Shah Alam, Bkt Jelutonf, TUDM, K Selangor] onto Lebuhraya Guthrie Corridor. Go through the Plaza Tol Bukit Jelutong and take exit 3506A [Puncak Alam, Meru] IMMEDIATLEY after the toll and keep left onto Jalan Batu Arang [Persiaran Mokhtar Dahari]. Zero your tripmeter. Thereafter, follow the directions below, but keep on the left lane at 2.50km ).

- Pass Sunway Kayangan , then Kayangan Heights, both on your right.
- Then look out for sign “CAHAYA SPK” and follow.
- At 2.75 km. keep on the left lane.
- At roundabout keep left.
- Follow this road (Persiaran Seri Hijau Maya) until final roundabout keep left.
- Drive to the end of road and park. Hashwagon WGW 1686.


Most probably will be in Kampong Subang.