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´╗┐Run: 2227
Date: Wednesday 24 August 2016
Hare: Maria Galindon
Cohares: Frank Wijnands
Venue: Sungai Buaya
Scribe: Garry Murrell


GPS: 3.381914 N 101.542709 E

Take N/S highway north
Exit Sungai Buaya
Zero tripmeterat at toll
400m: at T-junction,
turn Right (direction Sungai Buaya)
1.9 km: Turn Right
2.2 km: Turn Right (Jl Kembojasari)
3.3 km: reach end of Jl Kembojasari (Coordinates N 3.381914 E 101.542709), follow dirt road for another 400m to runsite!


Restoran 218


zero tripmeter when you get off the dirt road onto tarmac
900m , Turn Left
1.2 km: left again
2.7 km at traffic ight, straight direction Serendah
4.2 km cross underneath NS highway
5.5 km at traffic light turn right direction Sungai Choh, Rawang and keep going straight through a few more traffic lights
8.7 km at T-junction with the old highway No. 1, turn Left direction Serendah
10.5 km turn left
11.1 km restoran 218 is on your right