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Run no.: 2327

Date : Wednesday July 25, 2018

Hare : Lewie Dekker

Cohare : China man

Scribe : Azurina Abdul Jalil

Venue : Jalan Dato Dagang Mondok, Kampung Lalang, Dengkil

GPS: 2.866048N 101.717190 (2 degrees 51.96288' N, 01 degrees 43.0314’ E)

Detailed instructions from MEX/MAJU (see alternative routes further below)

a) Take the MEX/MAJU Highway to Putrajaya till you reach the Putra Jaya toll (set trip meter 0.0km)
b) immediately after toll, exit left (Exit 2005)
c) 2.6 km exit to Dengkil (B11)
d) 3.1 km follow signboard Dengkil (B15)
e) 8.1 km continue straight on B15 (ignore exit to Dengkil), direction Salak Tinggi
f) 12.9 km at traffic lights, turn left towards Bangi (on B18)
g) 13.3 km traffic lights turn right (follow H3 sign boards) towards Kampung Lalang
h) 14.0 km right turn
i) 14.2 km turn left
j) 14.9 km cross a railway bridge
k) Follow the tarmac road for about 1.9km more (note sharp curve left at 1.4km)
l) 16.8 km turn left to runsite.

From Elite Highway to KLIA: take Exit 607 to Putrajaya, go straight past MEX/MAJU interchange (trip meter here if you like) and follow from "c)" above.

From LDP: go in general direction of Putrajaya. Once past the Kajang exit follow the signboard for Dengkill (B15).

Once past the interchange flyovers follow "e)" above.

On-On: Dengkil Seafood

GPS 2.85957N 101.678871E or Waze Dengkil Seafood

Set trip meter at run site and turn right onto tarmac road then cross the railroad.

At 1.5 km turn right
At 1.7 km turn left
At 2.4 km at traffic light turn left and join main road (B18) towards Dengkil
At 2.8 km at traffic light go straight

towards Dengkil
At 4.6 km at traffic light in Dengkil town turn right
At 4.7 km immediately after traffic light park on left