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Run 2370, 22 May 2019
Hare: Jessica Low
Co-hare: Charles Lee
Scribe: Elisabeth Laubel
Venue: Klang Shooting Club
GPS: 3.158550, 101.459127

- Take the NKVE (E1) west towards Klang.
- Exit NKVE at junction 103 (sign Shah Alam/Bukit Jelutong/E35/Lebuhraya Guthrie)
- Through toll take middle lane onto Libuhraya Guthrie (E35) going north.
- After 3.6 km on E35 go through Bukit Jelutong toll and zero trip meter.
- 200 m: Exit left immediately after toll at junction 3506A (sign Puncak Alam/Meru)
- Continue straight past Universiti Teknologi Mara on left and then large warehouses.
- 8.1 km: Turn left at traffic lights (sign Bkt. Cerakah/Kern Budirman, etc.)
- 8.3 km: Straight thru traffic lights
- 10.0 km: Turn right at traffic lights
- Continue past school on right and Klang Shooting Club on left (If you hear shots, duck!). Look out for hare’s car, WTE 254

Restaurant Sun Loong Kee. 7652, Jalan Pekan Subang, Kampung Sri Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.139958, 101.533122

- Zero trip meter at run site.
- 0.8 km: Turn left at traffic lights by the school (T junction)
- 2.5 km: Go straight through 1st set of lights
- 2.7 km: Turn right at 2nd set of lights (T-junction)
- 10.5 km: Caution! The layout of this junction has changed. Over Guthrie corridor, turn left at lights (T-junction) to Kg. Subang/Sg. Buloh)
- 11.7 km: Turn right at lights down dual carriageway
- 13.0 km: Enter one-way system and keep right
- 13.2 km: Turn right at lights in one-way system then keep in left lane
- 13.5 km: Turn left heading back down dual carriageway towards Sungai Buloh
- 13.8 km: Restaurant Sun Loong Kee is on the left.
Note: The meal is booked for 8.30 pm and so please be there on time or risk fending for yourselves!