Membership: Applicant Details

Please fill in the required details, select your photograph, read the small print, then click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this form.
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Approval of your application for membership will be considered at the next committee meeting and will be dependant upon you:
Providing a recent passport size and passport style photograph of yourself together with the information required above;
Having run with us as a guest on at least one occasion;
Paying the application fee;
Paying the subscription fee for the full quarter in which application is made.

In submitting this application to become a member of KL Hash House Harriettes (KLH3), you acknowledge and accept that the personal information you provide will be retained by KLH3 in perpetuity for the purpose of enabling reactivation of membership should you resign and subsequently resume membership at a later date. However, we will delete all personal information, with the exception of your names and number of runs completed, upon recieving your written request to do so upon your resignation. You must also accept that upon becoming a member, you will have an obligation to be a 'hare' (set a run) when asked to do so by the trailmistress, and to 'scribe' the run on the following week. With the current level of membership, this will be approximately once every two years. New members will be asked to set a run (assisted by a more experienced hare if required) sometime during their first year of membership.

KLH3 undertakes to comply fully with the LAWS OF MALAYSIA ACT 709 (Personal Data Protection Act 2010) in that your personal data will be available only to current management committee members and will not be made available to any third party without your express consent, which will be sought should any request be made by any third party.